History is more than words

History is more than just her story, or his story ?It is the story of all of us! And the more you know, the richer your world will be. 

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About This special history series 

Young people learn best when they’re entertained and intrigued, like when they’re told a story. And that is what this series is all about, learning through entertainment. 
History is indeed a story and that’s why the author chose to tell it as one.
Too often people close their minds to history and find it boring, dull, and dry when it is anything but!  Too often even in homeschooling curriculum, authors are presenting the lesson, as just a lesson.
But in this series history is explored as a never-ending tale full of wonder, mystery, and truth.
If we are to teach our children the subject of history we need to engage them.  We need to reach them on a level upon which they feel moved to want to retain what they’ve learned.  We need to reach them the same way we ourselves, as adults are reached by engaging their sense of wonder. Isn’t that how we ourselves often retain great detail, through a good book we can’t put down, or a great movie? So why shouldn’t we teach our children that way?
If we treat history as a dry old series of dusty years with names and dates, that’s exactly how our children will treat it.
For the author, history is about the passion of discovery, its about people embarking on adventure, it’s about triumph and calamity, and often tragedy. History is about glory, and culture, life, love, and death. History is about the unfolding of our very own words and deeds. 

And that is a precious gift of insight we should not rob our children of, for its an appreciation of where they came from, and why. 

What’s inside Christopher columbus’ story


What did Columbus hope to gain for himself?


Where did Columbus first land?


What did Columbus bring back as a gift to the Spanish Crown?


How many voyages did Columbus really make?


Did Columbus know he had found a new world?


Did Columbus achieve the goal of his ambition?

This module covers the voyages of Christopher Columbus,
his exploration of the new world, and what he discovered.

It also asks the all important why.
Why is Christopher Columbus important to us?
What we can learn from his story, and his effect on other voyages?

You will also discover questions we still ask today,
and curiosities that still tantalize us with mystery.

Ben Colemans storytelling style was a wonderful addition to my home schooling toolbox. I'm glad I found it and so will you.

Sharon C.

I love the way he tells history, as a story! I know history and yet weirdly I still found myself wondering what would happen next!

Karen W.

The way he talks about history really left me intrigued and my son loved it and wants more. And that's exactly what I want for my son. A love of history.

Don F. 

About the Ben Coleman.

Hi, I’m Ben Coleman, and I hope you find this series of home schooling history curriculum a welcome addition to your teachers toolbox. If we can turn our children into lovers of history, they will be well founded to venture into an exciting and rewarding future. And that, my friends, builds a better future for us all. 
Ben Coleman is originally from Arkansas, and now a Tennessee native. He’s a navy veteran and published author. His personal love and appreciation of history always threads its way through the fabric of every tale he tells and his books have been best sellers. He writes history as he does because he teaches it exactly as he learned it, like an engaging story that never lets you go, and leaves you wondering what happens next. He also does speaking engagements on various periods of history and loves being a part of round table discussions.

Ben Coleman

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