Looking for world class experience in history? Look no further.

Ben Coleman is a completely self taught author with an extensive background in travel. He’s studied world history to the present with a specialty in warfare, strategy, and conflict. He’s studied American history and in particular the Civil War with a deep and abiding passion and an eye for understanding what really happened, why, and how it applies to us today. And he’s rather well versed in translating that for others, as he’s a professional author who’s worked solely in that field for the last six years.

Ben is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances. He is also happy to speak to reading and writing groups in person, via telephone or Skype.


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Ben Coleman



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Short Bio: 

Ben Coleman is a professional author, Navy veteran and historian.

He writes primarily military science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. But he’s been known to dabble in other genre’s. He has an extensive background in private security, having worked in virtually every venue from security guard to bodyguard.

He currently lives in East Tennessee with his fiancee, five rescue dogs and one rescue kitten. And when he isn’t writing or fixing things around the house, he loves gaming and a nice cold beer.