There are three kinds of people that hire me to write for them.

    • Here are the characters and the basic story idea – bring me back a story type
    • The I wrote this I need you to fix it type
    • And the Let’s work together type.

I am happy to work with any of them.

Keep in mind that the hiring is a 2-way street. I am  professional and that means I don’t take every job that comes my way.  

Ready to schedule a call and see if I am a good fit for your book? 

Working with a ghostwriter


This is a general outline of how it works. A lot depends on you the client and the scope of the work.

  • Initial meeting (phone or video conference): We meet and see if they have chemistry. This can be up to an hour.
  • Proposal: Next comes the project proposal. It is customized to your specific book. It will include start and end dates, projected milestones, number of revisions, changes, and what is expected from both of us.
  • Book outline: This is where I put together a two- to ten-page outline of your book. We will meet/zoom meeting, and discuss changes and expand on ideas.  which the client then revises.
  • First few chapters: At this point I will provide a draft of the first 1-3 chapters. You will have time to review. We will discuss and major changes.  We may have a second draft of these chapters if the tone is not on target
  • Book draft: Ok this is the part that makes a lot of first time ghostwriter hires/clients a bit nervous. You leave me alone to do what I do best—write until the draft is complete and ready to share with you. 
  • Author revision: This is where you get to look it over and make changes, edits, leave your mark on the work.