Weapons, Warfare, Make it Real!


3 hour online class.
$35 per person, 5 person limit.

“People don’t always fall down when you shoot them, and sometimes they die in weird ways.”

Are you looking to up the ante with the action in your books but you aren’t sure what’s real and what’s not?
Then you need this class.

I’ll take you through ancient warfare to postmodern. I can help put you on the right track to writing a kick-ass action scene that sings with authenticity.

Let’s make it real!


Weapons, Warfare, Make it Real!

Too many authors bluff their way through an action scene. Characters hold a gun wrong, use weapons not invented during the time period and other inconsistencies that take a reader away from your story. The MAKE IT REAL workshop help you avoid these pitfalls. I will explain the different types of weapons, how they are used and what they will do when used. This is a 3 hour online class. A reference booklet is included with this class.  You will be sent a link downloadable materials. Class requires internet connection.


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