Ben Coleman’s “Make It Real” writing workshops

Ben Coleman’s “Make It Real” writing workshops can help both aspiring authors or published super stars.

They are self paced and downloadable so you don’t have to worry about missing a module. Ben provides a special Facebook group so that workshop participants can exchange ideas and have work critiqued.



learn stuff make it real writing classes with ben coleman

The name of the game is to tell Fascinating Tales that ring true, capture the reader’s attention and have them begging for more! But if your words don’t ring true, if what you have your hero or villain do isn’t physically possible then you will lose your reader.

Now you download one or all of the writing workshops plus get time with Ben Coleman in a private facebook group. What you will walk away with is knowledge and skill to make your scenes more convincing.


realistic dialogue writer's workshop

The writing workshop REALISTIC DIALOGUE will teach you how to make your dialogue ring true to you and your readers.

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how the real world fights monsters a new writer's workshop by ben coleman

The How The Real World Fights Monsters will teach you how make fighting scenes between magical creatures and humans ring true.

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weapons, warfare, make it real and believable a workshop for writers

Writing a gun fight, how real people die, what it is like to be shot. You will learn how to make weapons and warfare real.

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For Writers 1-on-1 Mentorship Program

Do you have a story that stalled or an idea that you just can’t get on paper? I can help you get past those obstacles!

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  • Writing the ALPHA MALE

  • Beta Males and the importance of their characters in a story

  • Idea Generation

  • Build the Journey

  • Dealing with Frustration and writer’s block

  • Love, Lust and the Sex Scene

  • Creating a Villain

  • Creating Obstacles