common sense 2.0

In 1776 Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, a 47-page document outlining who we were as colonists, and the grievances our forefathers had with their government, which labored under tyranny.

Today we find ourselves laboring under a similar tyranny, and under similar unfortunate circumstances, here at home.

Friends, the time has come to pen Common Sense 2.0 and once again list our grievances, and seek redress from our own government. 

It is imperative that this gets published and put in circulation for the next election cycle so that what worthy leaders we have can do their part in helping maintain our freedom and the pursuit of happiness in a free Republic, under God,  and with liberty and justice for all.

In order to do this I need your help. I am relying on like-minded people that understand the dire situation our country faces. Please help with either purchasing merchandise or giving a donation of any size. It all helps. Our forefathers built this country, let us do no less to maintain it.

Thank You.

They say the country is doomed but let it not be doomed until each have done their all to preserve liberty.