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Ben Coleman

The revolutionary war goes steampunk. 

Emerged From Darkness: Colonial America is in rebellion. A desperate war for freedom has begun. But another war is about to be fought; a war in the shadows of a greater struggle.

The Freemasons and their rivals the Illuminati are entering into a supreme struggle for control of the new republic. All wars must be fought with weapons and the greatest of these is knowledge.

It is a hidden knowledge that American Freemasons directed by Benjamin Franklin mean to obtain at all cost. And they have just the man at hand, Captain John Paul Jones.

This is no ordinary colonial freedom piece, but rather a mix of cold war secrets, behind-the-scenes espionage, and a little steampunk technology.

Commentary from the author

Why the Freemasons?

Historically speaking, they had a hand in the formation of the United States by taking a strong hand in resisting the British tyranny and forming a new, free, Republic.

So instead of the British being the natural bad guy in the story, I resurrected the Illuminati.

The Illuminati were a splinter organization that came out of the Freemasons. They were (as the history books have it) smashed in the 1700’s by the Duke of Bavaria, who saw them as a potential threat to the government.

Ben Coleman

ben coleman

About Ben Coleman


I’m a historian, with a deep and abiding love of country and family history, and I find that one cannot seriously consider the future, without having at least a passing knowledge of the past. I live in Tennessee with my girl, two rescue dogs, and one kitten.

By the guiding light of my irreplaceable, and invaluable muse, I’m a writer with one book published, several in near completion, and a thousand more taking up space in my head.

I ghostwrite, coach writers, and work on my own novels.

I have been making a career of it for over a decade. I have worked with hundreds of writers and business people, ghostwriting everything from sci-fi military fiction to how-to books for entrepreneurs looking to brand themselves as thought leaders. 

Of course, I didn’t always write. Before I took the leap into the unknown I served in the US Navy, as part of America’s outstanding team of warriors.

I helped in defending America’s interests abroad as only the Navy knows how and does best.

  • Adopt an aggressive offshore posture.
  • Send in the Marines.
  • Make coffee.

After that, I served 10+ years in private security making still more coffee and doing everything from gate guard to armed guard to bodyguard. (insert sexy pic here)


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