so you have the tools you need to be seen as a trusted authority in your field

Do you know what the number one tools is to Establish yourself as an Authority in Your Field?


The competition is fierce.

If you’re building a personal brand,it’s essential that you stand out. 

A major tool to help you move ahead of the competition is in the writing of a book.

A book is a lynchpin that can establish you as an authority.

Did you know that authors are perceived as experts and their opinions carry a lot of weight? It is true! I’ve seen the proof. 

Chances are that you are not a professional writer

And getting that book done can take months out of your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have written hundreds of books for industry/business leaders and start-ups wanting to improve their authority perception and I can help you too.

I can provide ghostwriting and co-authoring for e-books, as well as, printed versions, articles for magazines and journals and blog posts. 

If you need help with the book cover design or a website for your book I have people that can help with that as well.

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