A collection of military science fiction stories about America
Real American veterans fighting a fictional war against aliens.
2303 A.D. The American colony of Elysium is attacked at Pearl Harbor Station. And a total war for supremacy is launched by a devious alien nemesis.

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0311 The Fall of New Century City

Dedicated to the Marine Corps Infantry Grunt

Special Thanks to

Lance Corporal Matt Rahn

Gunnery Sergeant Brazeal

“There is no greater friend, and no worse enemy, than a U.S. Marine.”

– Gen. James Mattis USMC


Date – 2-2-2303 A.D.

Time – 0934 hrs Standard


Vano, Prince Consort to Night Mother Enaximara of the Mal’Zur Clan and the Nocturne Invasions Supreme War Commander stood silently watching the destruction of Pearl Harbor Station.

From within the Commander’s Cabin just off the bridge of his flagship, the Mal’Zur Valterec (CV-MZF-2 : Cruiser Vessel Mal’Zur Fleet 2nd Ship) He could not hear the action raging before him, all he could hear was the soft masculine rumble of the ventilation system, but it was enough.

He could see his war vessels, his valiant fighters tearing into the carcasses of their battleships, ripping them apart like hungry vultures upon the bodies of dying lions.

He saw the brilliant flashes of white hot light, the brief burning flames dying in the vacuum of space and the thousands of human lives dying with them. And he gently clasped his wrists behind his back and closed his eyes.

And believed he could feel them perish. Their collective breath snuffed out like flickering little candle flames.

So fragile.

Along with the soft give of the plush black carpet beneath his booted feet he could also feel the soft, final give of the enemy station and its fleet.

It was done.

And his invasion fleet passed by the American death place, a cemetery it was called.

That was what the station was now, and he would leave it for them to find, and see what war with the Nocturne would bring.

And the feeling was as luxurious as the carpet.

He had won a great victory this day, though it could not be called a great battle.

It was more a perfect storm of destruction upon a helpless and deserving enemy. They were Americans and from what he knew of them from Nocturne research it was exactly what was needed if a war with them were to be won. They could not let up, even for a moment.


They had to crush them decisively. But be magnanimous in their defeat.


The Nocturne would be benevolent masters.

And the Americans would be their treasured slaves.

And together they would conquer the rest of humanity.


Vano took a last indulgent inhale of breath and the sweet yet masculine scent of the incense in his cabin, and departed for the bridge.

A brief moment later he arrived and stepped onto the bridge and paused, waiting for the hatch to shoosh close behind him and his Executive Officer to take notice.

The officer called Captain on the bridge and saluted, and Vano returned it.

With commanding strides he crossed the space and stopped before the wide viewscreen stretching out in front of him.

He took in the breathtaking black tapestry of space before him sprinkled with white stars whipping by at incalculable speeds by the Nocturne eye.


“Open hailing frequencies to all supreme command staff and legionary commanders.”

His Executive Officer passed the command and was answered by a dutiful technician staring into the soft glow of his instrument panel and a half second later the black tapestry of space was replaced by the patchwork of responding Captains and Officers of the invasion fleet, divided into small blocks of pale, white faces and black eyes staring back at the Supreme War Commander.

To the top right and top left two larger blocks revealed the faces of his, cooperative peers, Anduros Prince Consort of Night Mother Rava’Quea of the Eremantis Clan and Ragmardin Prince Consort of Night Mother Zothis of the Nergul Clan.

Anduros would oversee the planetary invasion, with Ragmardin as his counselor and Anduros as Vano’s, who would command all. But Ragmardin would remain in orbit as well however, overseeing the hunt for the remainder of the American Starfleet and the defense of thiers.

Vano despised Ragmardin, and would have prefered Anduros for his interstellar company, but success on the ground was crucial and the commander needed to be trusted, and at least Ragmardin was where he Vano could see him, and essentially tell him what to do.


“Today we begin the universal supremacy of our people, the Nocturne.”


Vano said, addressing his fleet.


“And today we begin the universal enslavement of all mankind.”


His pitch black eyes bored into the dozens of those staring back at him and he embraced them and gave them his force of will.


“We have crushed the jewels of the American starfleet, and we shall crush the spirit of their warriors, and bend their will to our own.”


He continued, firmly landing his fist into his palm.

Moments later Vano concluded his speech and Prince Consort Anduros closed out the viewscreen from his own Commanders cabin aboard his own flagship the Majuer.

There was no denying Vano was captivating, and charismatic. But in the privacy of his most silent thoughts Anduros did not believe him quite the most perfect fit, for Supreme Leader.


He believed there was one yet, more equally qualified for the job.