Initial Exploratory Call


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It will let you know my process and pricing.

Because I have been hit up by many people that maybe might want to write a book or have help with one, and because those people find a reason to postpone their story leaving it to be just an idea I had to add this option. I am a serious writer. It is my vocation and the way I support my girl, rescue dogs, and our feral cat. That's a lot of mouths to feed.
Helping people is something I enjoy but spending time with people that aren't ready to move forward on their dream eats at my time. So, if have an idea for a book or even a series of books schedule a half-hour 1-on-1 call with me and we'll talk about your story and how I might help you either through mentoring, critiquing, or ghostwriting.

This fee is refundable with your first diagnostic or developmental booking.


NOTE: I ghostwrite both fiction and non-fiction, I also edit novels and develop scenes.