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Get a personally signed copy of Ben Coleman’s STEAMPUNK story featuring John Paul Jones, The Freemasons, and the Illuminati.

Emerged from darkness best selling author

This is no ordinary colonial freedom piece, but rather a mix of cold war secrets, behind-the-scenes espionage, and a little steampunk technology.

The revolutionary war goes steampunk. 

Emerged From Darkness: Colonial America is in rebellion. A desperate war for freedom has begun. But another war is about to be fought; a war in the shadows of a greater struggle.

The Freemasons and their rivals the Illuminati are entering into a supreme struggle for control of the new republic. All wars must be fought with weapons and the greatest of these is knowledge.

It is a hidden knowledge that American Freemasons directed by Benjamin Franklin mean to obtain at all cost. And they have just the man at hand, Captain John Paul Jones.