single working moms a true hero

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.

Heroes aren’t just people who have seen combat. A hero is someone that sets a phenomenal, who has overcome incredible odds. A hero is a person who has untiringly put service to their fellow man above their own safety and welfare, and who has gone far above and beyond the call of duty in the name of love.

And this week, my hero of the week, is not to one person but to all single mothers who have raised or in the processes of raising responsible, promising young adults. To the women that did it alone, without the help or aid of a largely absent father, I say thank you.

You have heard it before, stories of a single mother who loves her children with all her heart and soul. She is the woman that put her own pursuits, dreams, goals, on hold so that her children could thrive.

She didn’t do it to be honored, acknowledged, or celebrated. She did it because it was right.


In my book that’s heroic.


In my life there is such a woman. She’s a brilliantly creative, and tirelessly ambitious woman who still believes, despite all the setbacks life has put before her, that her dreams can still be reached, and will be reached. That’s a profound example for all of us who have dreams, and fears of our own.

She’s a woman who has met and accepted every single challenge that life and adversity have shown, and she has succeeded.

She has refused to give in to depression, loneliness, health problems, financial problems, and fears.

And although her children are grown, she still cares for others, helping, guiding, and in many cases putting their welfare above her own.

And like many single mothers, her faith never wavered.