And they’d be right.

Emerged From Darkness has only a dash of steampunk.

Which was exactly what I had intended.

I write stories that are historical in nature.  Although I have embellished on Dr Franklin’s inventions and added a few that he may have wanted to invent, they are not the primary focus of the story.

But as readers will find out the technology grows in each subsequent book. Yes there are outlines for a trilogy.  I thought that’d be a fun way to approach the storyline, to toy with the idea of the world starting to veer off on its own  alternative history/technological tangent.

An important aspect of being a writer  is listening to what that story has to tell you.  Initially when I first developed the idea for Emerged From Darkness it looked completely different. It was a darker and more serious in tone, and there was almost no humor . But in listening closely to what was floating around in the creative ether, I realized that that wasn’t the way story wanted to go.

The finished, well still in the hands of my editor, story is more fun, swashbuckling, and adventuresome.

Ben Coleman.

PS: As soon as the edits are done I will be looking for reviewers. If you’re interested comment below.