Tell your stories better!

Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone tells it well. Anyone can improve their story with a little research and the right information. I have several workshops that will help you bring convincing realism to your work. 

Brutally Honest Manuscript Critique

If you want to be a successful writer then you need to know if your work is any good.

Ghostwriting Services

Transform your idea into a finished book. 

Business Entrepreneurs: Claim Your Position as the Top Expert in Your Field… Successful business people that this in common – they have all published at least one book on their niche that increased their brand and gained them recognition and credibility. 

  • Self-Help Books
  • Business Books

Fiction Writers: Is the world waiting for the story that you have formulating in your head? The worst stories in the world are the ones that go unwritten. 

  • Novels
  • Novellas
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy & Adventure

Nonfiction Writers

  • Memoir & Autobiography: Having your memoir written and published is the single greatest way to tell the unique story of your life and share it with others. 
  • History and historical nonfiction, Politics, Biographies, Text Books: As a historian research is an important part of my writing. I can help you flesh out critical features of a your next book.